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Healthy Pets in Streator, Illinois

Add beautiful and healthy pets, such as birds, rodents, fish, and more, from Frank's Pet Shop in Streator, Illinois,
to your family. Our staff is always excited to provide you with education and knowledge about the animals that
we supply.


At Frank's Pet Shop, we have a variety of birds to choose from including exotic birds like cockatiels, parrots, canaries, and more. We carry bird books for each of species of bird and we offer training tips.


The reptiles come in a variety of sizes to choose from and we offer a variety of species for each type of reptile. Our inventory includes aquarium reptiles such as:

• Geckos
• Pythons
• Snakes
• Scorpions
• Lizards • Turtles


Our rodents come in a variety of sizes at a variety of prices. We have rodents of different species, including:

• Chinchillas
• Rabbits
• Hamsters
• Gerbils
• Guinea Pigs
• Mice
• Rats


In addition, we have a huge supply of fresh, salt, and pond fish. We also carry a wide variety of exotic fish at our location. They are available in a variety of species and we have everything needed to keep your fish healthy and to help them survive. Items include fish tanks, rocks, food, filters, and more.

Contact us today in Streator, Illinois, for more information about our healthy pets.